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The Organ Factory


Large scale renovation of an old factory into a gallery, office and home.



The Organ Factory, situated in London's Holland Park, is a large early Victorian factory built in 1872 for a German organ maker. After his retirement in 1906, TOF fell into disrepair and soon became derelict after decades of neglect.  



• Remodel large space into an art gallery, interior design office and 4 bedroom home

• Maintain and incorporate gothic styling to make the best use of natural light.

• Construct new internal levels to maximise use of internal space.



  • Incorporated an art gallery to the north end, with interior design office below.

    • Designed a 4-bedroom home featuring a magnificent double height conservatory at the southern end.

    • Juxtaposing a backdrop palette of ‘riverbed’ tones with an eclectic mix of furniture, art and sculpture.

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