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Boutique Home School

The 10 Step Programme to Transform Your Home

This is a self-paced online comprehensive interior design course to guide you through the entire design process for your home renovation
Feeling hesitant of your skills to create your dream space? Not sure where to begin when it comes to spatial layout, finishes, materials, lighting and furniture purchases? Worried you'll make an expensive mistake?

We've got you covered!
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The Boutique Home School's self-paced online interior design course will enable you to make informed decisions in the process of creating and implementing your schemes.

My 10 Step Programme offers a comprehensive guide to:

  • Help you take control of design decisions in your home

  • Understand the design process to give you confidence with your specification decisions

  • Communicate your ideas with clarity and confidence 

Every step includes:

  • Video lessons

  • Visual examples

  • Practical exercises  

Knowledge is power and will give you the confidence to run a clean and smooth sailing project!

"I am so energised and motivated by what I have learnt from Sue and her wealth of knowledge and expertise in interiors of which she shares.  I absolutely love her Project before & after images in the final step.
Every step was essential information - it was seamless and
very very enjoyable.  Sue points out, that planning in the early steps with the vision and lifestyle statement is key to the seamless progression of your project. I  only wish I'd found Boutique School earlier in my building and interiors planning. I have gained so much knowledge!"


About your Teacher

Sue has been designing homes, offices and hotels for over 25 years in Australia, UK & Europe.  

She has published her book, "Boutique Home", in which she shares her knowledge and experience in an easy to follow (yet comprehensive) 10 step Interior Design programme. 


This 10 step programme has been designed as a self paced online course with the guidance and tools you need to help create a beautiful space within the home (suitable for aspiring designers and individuals interested in "flipping"/renovating for buyers) .

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What we cover

The first step for this course is free of charge, to give you a taste of my teaching style and the value provided.


1 x payment of £468

or 2 x payments of £234


Step 1: Creating Your Vision

Your Visual Statement

In this step you will learn:

  • How to determine your requirements

  • How to create a Vision Board

This will be your valuable reference tool to be used throughout your project. It will keep you focused and confident in making your design decisions

Step 2: Evaluating your Space

Realising your requirements and surveying your room

In this step you will learn:

  • How to evaluate and analyse your existing space in order to define a new use and/or layout that best suits your needs

  • How to survey a room to gain the relevant information

  • What tools are required on site to record the required information

  • The methodology of measuring a room

Step 2.png
Step 3.png

Step 3: Designing your space

Zoning and Planning your Layout

In this step you will learn:

  • How to zone your space

  • How to create comfortable circulation spaces

  • How to plan to accomodate the variety of activities

  • How to connect spaces/ rooms to suit your lifestyle

Step 4: Selecting your Furniture

How to choose the right furniture for your room space

In this step you will learn:

  • The method of assessing what furniture to keep, restore or remove

  • How to create comfortable circulation spaces

  • How to plan to accommodate the variety of activities

  • How to connect spaces/rooms to suit your lifestyle

Home & Room Style Packages.JPG

Step 5: Choosing your Colour Palette

The Theory & Application of Colour

In this step you will learn:

  • The meaning and impact of colour

  • How to change the proportion of a room colour

  • How to devise a colour palette

  • This reference tool will be used to select finishes and soft furnishings

Step 6: Selecting your Finishes

How to choose the right finish for your scheme

In this step you will learn:

  • How to choose materials to suit the room function, ambience and use

  • How to mix your finishes with effect

  • How to choose your wall and floor finishes

Step 6
soft furn.jpg

Step 7: Selecting your soft furnishings

Selecting and mixing fabrics for your sample board

In this step you will learn:

  • How to apply texture, pattern and colour on upholstery and window treatments

  • How to choose fabric for acoustic and light control

  • How to mix and layer fabrics in harmony with the scheme palette

Step 8: Lighting your home

Planning your lighting scheme

In this step you will learn:

  • How to plan a lighting layout to highlight focal points, control the light and it's colour

  • Each room will be considered for it's general, task and ambient lighting

Step 9: Styling & accessorising

How to style your home space

In this step you will learn:

  • How to accessorise

  • How to hang art and photos

  • How to display it all together

  • How to add that element of surprise

Step 10: Your work programme

In preparation for on-site

In this step you will learn:

  • How to a create a Scope of Works

  • Communicating with trades & professionals

  • What info the suppliers and trades need from you

  • Preparing the site

Step 10
  • Is there a time limit on the course material​​​?
    No it is your go-to guide forever​
  • Can I dip into specific steps?
    Of course, you can do this. However, I would suggest you complete Step 1 as it will be referred to throughout the course.
  • If I need help can I contact you?
    Yes, I am available. Sometimes this may take a day or two to get back to you depending on workload but I'm happy to help​
  • What if I don't want to continue with the course?
    Don't worry - you have 10 days to change your mind with a full refund
  • Does Boutique Home School award a certificate?
    Yes, you will be given a certificate of completion for the 10 step programme​​​

“We started planning renovations on our first investment property and quickly got lost in a sea of information and options available.

Sue's course helped me
gain the confidence, set specific tasks and the templates helped me with potentially weeks of wasted time. We are just about to go to market with our house sale and we are so happy with the changes we have made!"


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