Interior Design Services

- Interpretation of the brief;
- Evaluating the spatial layout of your home or property;
- Scope of works;
- Site measure;
- Designing the layout – computer generated drawings;
- Design documentation/drawings and instruction to trades on site;
- Bespoke design for kitchens, bathrooms and furniture;
- Finishes/materials/colour palette and schedule;
- Furniture scheme and schedule;
- Soft furnishing scheme and schedule;
- Lighting scheme and schedule;
- Design supervision on site;

Most interior residential projects do not require the services of an architect. However, if exterior remodelling is required the services of professionals including architects, structural engineers, and surveyors will be recommended, or I can work with the client’s existing team of professionals.

The ultimate goal is to achieve the best result for the client; focus on the immediate and future needs, resolve problematic design issues and create a place that is nurturing, inspiring and has visual harmony.

Styling Your Home For Sale

As I have achieved record price on property sales I want to help other vendors achieve the best possible results – the best price.

Services offered:

- Consultation with client/developer to determine scope of works, budget and timing;
- Written proposal with recommendations for each room;
- Proposed furniture package and costings;
- Installation of furniture items and accessories;


Garden Design

As I began my interior design career in Australia, the effect of indoor/outdoor living inevitably influenced my designs. External vistas or gardens have always been an opportunity for me to extend the boundaries of an interior.

By integrating the indoors with the outdoors a more cohesive and harmonious scheme is achieved.

Creating internal viewpoints to terraces and courtyards and long outdoor vistas can visually increase the living space.