My Book

My book, Boutique Home, is an extension of my work, my upbringing in Australia and my travels seeking artistic and design inspiration. I love transforming people’s lives by creating interiors that fit their needs, their lifestyles and their aspirations.

To simplify I have set out the design process in 10 steps; clarifying the needs, theme, design, selection and instalment of the elements within a space. My objective is to help you gain control of the process and procurement. And as a tool of constant reference I have designed it to fit into your handbag or ‘manbag’.

I want you to live in the space you deserve, build your sanctuary and present your statement to the world. In this way, you are not only transforming your house, you are transforming your life!

Below I want to give you some of the key things that I speak about in my book. Enter your details for a complementary download of my 10 steps to creating your boutique home.

Boutique Home, follows a case study together with guidelines and tips on how best to achieve the resolution to your design and its installation. You can buy this now... at the press of a button on the right.

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Sue Mc Gregor - Boutique Home - 10 steps to creating your boutique spaces