About Interior Statements

Sue McGregor's inspiration as a designer began with her roots in Australia; open spaces, the bush and beaches. Drawing from both traditional and contemporary design, she enjoys manipulating space to enhance its best features and adapt to its intended use. With over 20 years of international experience Sue works with fine artists, skilled craftsmen and distinctive materials to produce exquisite and custom-made solutions that reflect your lifestyle and aspirations.

I believe we all deserve to express our true selves. Investing in your environment will affect the quality of your life and your psychological wellbeing. The quality of this investment is not just reflected in the value of your property, but it is an investment in you. What you have created in your space, the items you have collected and the furniture you have chosen all signify the way you wish to live and the things you enjoy living with. When you invite people into your home, you are allowing them to know who you are, what you like and how you live. It is your statement to the world.